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November 10, 2012
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Zelda Wind Waker - Wallpaper? by rymae Zelda Wind Waker - Wallpaper? by rymae
Edit: Now the logo is "clearer" ^^ Who would have thought I'd have 14 different versions of this wallpaper where the logo is the only thing that changes xD ? Hope you like it :) Many thanks to Petman1325 and my dear friends on Facebook for advices x) I can still change it if needed xD
Something I made for videos I'll do of Zelda: The Wind Waker x) Kinda like this one basically: [link]
Except I got more pictures in this one xD Anyways. So yeah, was supposed to be for my personal use only, but since I made it Wallpaper size, I thought: "Why not post it on dA. Since you don't go there often anymore becaue of so many things to do, you could do that." (Yes, I like to talk to myself quite a bit).

Anyways. :p Now I can finish editing the first video xD.

Pictures found all over Google ^^"... I should really start sourcing them like I do for my school essays... I know where I got the official artworks (Stained Glass) from!
There: [link] at the bottom of the page x)

I think it took a little over 1h30. And since I still haven't reinstalled my recording program, it was not recorded. Which is a shame because, just like the "Wicked" wallpaper, I wish I could post their making of online :/. Oh well :].

Wallpaper made by meeeh, but everyone can use it ^^ Just don't steal it, please, there's no use in doing that xD As long as you don't say: "look what I did", I'm fine ^^ (*strong hatred of plagiarism :>*). Anyways :p

Zelda Wind Waker & Characters (c) Nintendo :]

Okay, back to history essay o/.
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Je viens juste de le découvrir via ta vidéo que je regarde en ce moment ^^
Pour ton usage personnel ?! Il faut nous en faire profiter à chaque fois, tudieuuuu ! *w*
Bah c'était au départ que pour me servir de Wall customisé et pour les 15 secondes d'intro de la FS de Wind Waker xD Mais bon x). En fait y'a que très peu de trucs que je ne partage pas sur dA... Juste ce qui est des expériences de photomanipulation où je fais n'importe quoi et les centaines de pages de croquis/sketch que j'ai la flemme de scanner xD Ah, si seulement j'avais plus le temps de dessiner... Par contre je dois avouer que j'aurais dû poster le dessin incrusté dans la PT1 de WW, fursona Wind Waker-isé qui se plaint de la technologie défaillante qui donne des envies de meurtre :D
That looks pretty legit. :)

Only thing that I would request is that the Wind Waker logo be a bit more dominant from the background. Aside from that, looks really cool. :)
I actually hesitated for over ten minutes about that xD You mean something like this? : [link] or standing out even more? (If this version is okay then I'll update this deviation ^^).

Thanks a bunch :) !
(Otherwise I got this one: [link] or this one: [link] I'll update the post with which ever one you think looks best x))
A combo between the first one (from the original comment) and the one first one from the other comment would be nice. By that, I mean the first one has a hair bit too light of optacy on the logo, whereas the second has a bit too much. Hopefully, it helps. :)
Is it better now ^^"? (Five of my friends have been saying pretty much the same thing that you said :)). If it's not, let me know, I'll try to come up with something else after I've had some sleep ^^ Thank you so much for your help :] !
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