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Bioshock Infinite - Wallpaper - Elizabeth by rymae Bioshock Infinite - Wallpaper - Elizabeth by rymae
Edit on the 17th of April 2013 - Just finished the game. Oh my god. Pure epicness. Was crying for the last half hour. It's really, really, really good to my eyes. I mean, I'm an easy person and there aren't a lot of things I really don't like, but this game really got me, and moved me, somehow. I don't really know how to explain it. It was really epic and great to my eyes and heart. Play it if you can :) It's far from being flawless, but it was amazing.


So, I was feeling hyper nauseous after playing about four hours of Bioshock Infinite today (SPOILERS: Elizabeth's gotta "mourn her mother" right now to get her fingerprints :>), as it often happens if I play games for a while / if I play FPS for a while / if I play a game that messes up my brain well enough to make my stomach hurt (such a terrible curse for a gamer T_T ...), and I decided: "Well. Since you've been fighting this nausea for two hours now in a fetal position on the floor and you ain't getting much better, change your mind, 'kay? So, let's turn on your laptop and open Photoshop. And let your FANGIRLING FLOW MUAHAHAHAHHAHA!"

So it happened :D.
I'm a big fan of Bioshock ever since I played the first one, when I got my Xbox in early 2010 (technically Christmas 2009, but I was too busy playing Brütal Legend back then :>). Awesome game series. I recently got Infinite (last week really), and I've been playing it as much as I could during my free time. I don't know how this happened, but yes, I had free time! ("Had", because I doubt this will be the case starting tomorrow). Anywhooooos... After loving each game (wait ... still haven't played the second one, it's still in its blister ... BUT I'VE SEEN A WALKTHROUGH, IT COUNTS xD), and be completely fangirling about Little Sisters or Eleanor, now is the time to fangirl about adorable Elizabeth :3 *I have my ideas about the ending, no worries ... Still love her :>* I really like Infinite. It's not flawless, faaaaar from it, and I'm still annoyed we can carry only two weapons, since I feel less attached to them than in the first one, or the fact that I sometimes don't want to eat the things that will get my health back but only take the money but NO, can't do that, but still. I really like it. Even if I feel like I'm hack'n'slashing sometimes :> (Hack'n'slash is cool xD)

Anyways! So, because I felt like crap and about to redecorate the TV with biodegradable acidic content *nice way of putting it, isn't it*, I quickly went to the next checkpoint and turned off the Xbox. And then I went back to trying to calm myself by throwing myself on the floor and trying to self-convince myself I'd be alright :D (My life IS interesting, don't deny it :D). So yeah, I ended up going on Photoshop, and Googling "Elizabeth *Last Name*" (I shall not spoil her technically last name... Or so I think it is... for all of you gamers who haven't reached that point yet!). Aaaand ... this happened x) Looked like nothing at first but kinda proud of it at the moment. It took long enough my nausea disappeared far away :D So that's good.

Anyway. Hope you people of the Internet like it ^^ Made it for pleasure and supposedly only for my desktop, but why not share? I barely post anything now so let's add one more deviation to the gallery before going back to long absences due to work :3

GEEK WELL, FELLOW GAMERS ! GEEK WELL. :3 *I shall go back to this great game later :3*

I can't remember where I got all the pictures :S I ... Googled them ... Sorry ! No copyright infringement intended ^^" I just suck at sourcing anything not related to my academic work :S ... *and I'm lazy ... that counts too ...*

Elizabeth, Bioshock Infinite (c) Irrational Games, 2K Games
Wallpaper by Me x) Feel free to download it, but please don't claim it as yours ^^" ... There's no point, since there exists much better wallpapers and because I've got proofs I made it xD Anyway :)

Have a nice day o/ !
Thank you 2K Games & Irrational Games for giving us the Bioshock franchise <3 A lot of people love you for this :D Keep up the good work! *not that those two companies are ever going to stumble upon this xD*

(Oh, and: apologies for the rather "pixelised" Elizabeth in the middle ... Original image was too small and didn't have time to look for a larger picture ^^")
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MisterDream Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
je tape "Bioshock elizabeth 1920" dans google et paf, première page :D
Hasard? Je ne crois pas.
rymae Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha, bah en tout cas tu m'apprends un truc xD Je viens de finir le jeu à l'instant (attends toi à la publication d'un statut Facebook :>) ... Mindblown. Sérieusement. Super jeu, même si pas parfait... J'ai adoré.
Et pour la première page: Google n'avait pas le choix ; je l'ai menacé de léchouilles sous les pieds via des langues de kangourous bruns :D
hunter919 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
this game is amazing!!!
and thank you for picture.
rymae Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student General Artist
I know right! I love it so much *_* ! And you're welcome ^^!
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